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Welcome to MarkTheMedic.com
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Please contact me for further information on this service. I am available for all types of film shoot.
Levels of Cover
When planning an event it is very important to have the correct of skill level of those providing your cover. This should be provided by your risk assessment or governing body. When booking I will need to know the level of cover you require. Below is a guide, contact me for further advice.
First Aid 
This is the most basic cover and will normally be adequate for most low risk events. This cover will provide basic treatment and basic life support skills including defibrillation (AED).
Ambulance Cover
This cover will provide a vehicle 4x4 / Ambulance. The staff manning these vehicles will be trained in the use of the equipment on the vehicle.
Paramedic Cover 
If you require Paramedic cover this will be provided by a Paramedic registered with the HPC. The Paramedic will provide all of the additional equipment required for this level of cover. Additional costs will apply for this service.

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