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                 Anaphylaxis & Auto Injector Training


Having completed The Anaphylaxis Train The Trainer course accredited by The Royal College of Nursing (Cert no 088327) I can provide training for both family and professional use.


Anaphylaxis Management and Emergency Care Course (2hr)


This 2hr course is suitable for all who have a professional responsibility for Adults or Children who have the potential to have an Anaphylactic reaction. Topics covered during the course include:


  • Introduction to allergies and types of reaction
  • Developing individual care plans
  • Recognition of minor and major reactions
  • Emergency action plans
  • Management of an unconscious casualty
  • Resuscitation
  • Use of Auto injectors (practical session with trainer pens)


The aim of this course is to make staff feel confident in looking after a person suffering an anaphylactic reaction. It will also raise awareness on the day to day care required. This course can be run at your setting for group bookings. This training will meet EYFS, OFSTED and Health and Safety requirements.


Anaphylaxis in the family Course


Recently I have provided training for families in their home that have a child or adult who has had prescribed an auto-injector. In this case it is important that the family feel confident in the use of the device and are also aware of what to do if the device doesn't have the desired result. Topics covered are similar to those covered on the above professional use course but are delivered for family use in mind.


The normal duration of the session is about 2hrs and the course can be run in your home or at your setting. 

For more information contact:


Mark Davis



Tel: 07811 398 676

Pager: 07623 955 999

Email: mark@markthemedic.com

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