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For most of my teaching career I have specialised in the training of Paediatric Emergency Care to Childcare professionals. During this time I have become aware of how important it is that Childcare Practitioners understand the medical conditions of the children they care for.


I am asked on a regular basis to provide a consultancy service for Pre Schools, Nurseries and Childminding Settings. This service involves the following.


  • Developing a Care Plan
  • Developing a Emergency Action Plan
  • Training in the administration of the Medications required
  • Training in Emergency Treatments
  • General advice on the care of the Child


The session involves an informal discussion with the Childcare team and the parents. These sessions have proved very popular and are available at any time

For more information contact:


Mark Davis



Tel: 07811 398 676

Pager: 07623 955 999

Email: mark@markthemedic.com

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